For you (Mr. Nelson)

August 9, 2017


The day before Minnesota found you splayed out,
like some master’s painting under another

painting we knew nothing about
..........until museum authorities investigate,

you made grand plans for elsewhere-
&-other-things. Death hit you w/

a ninja’s punch—left you, evaporating like smoke
..........& doubt. & you probably took a few more steps

in your million-dollar high-heels, coordinating
w/ your badass couture—wrapped around your little

body, before wondering about losing balance—
..........that balance you always wear—a sure-foot

like JB gliding in his black ankle-boots &
pencil-legged slacks—sliding into nevuh-evuh.

& on the floor inside your paisley elevator, your palatial color of royalness, there’s one

thought, "Damn, I'm not gone make it to the next-
thing-&-that." So when we heard about you,

displayed like a swanky Picasso, we thought it of those internet-mismanaged-hoaxes,

or a new Prince-game you’d play to capture
our united focus. & only if it were.




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