Quakertown Wellness opens new location

More offices to provide expanded services
November 29, 2017

Lewes's holistic oasis has moved to a new location, but it hasn't gone far.

Quakertown Wellness recently moved about a block to 1204 Savannah Road to a bigger location with more services.

“We have expanded, and this has more room,” said Kim Furtado, a naturopathic doctor and an original founder of the center in 2007. “There's the ability to serve the community better.”

The new center offers nearly 2,000 square feet for services that include acupuncture, energy medicine, massage therapy and naturopathic medicine. Three treatment areas are on the first floor with a kitchen and group area, and three more rooms are on the second floor.

“We're excited about offering more workshops and having a yard for community outreach events,” Furtado said.

Health professionals working out of the new center will also have better opportunities to collaborate to serve patients.

Furtado said someone with Lyme disease could come to the center for acupuncture or other holistic pain management, and they could also receive advice on nutrition and herbal medicine to help improve their health.

“An energy healer could work on more subtle reasons why their health may not be in balance,” she said.

Furtado said she is excited about offering lectures and group activities in the common room. Already, she said, the center plans to offer group acupuncture sessions two evenings a week.

“I'd like to see that grow,” she said.

In addition to Furtado's naturopathic medicine services, the clinical team includes licensed massage therapists Karyn Jennings, Kim Blanch and Bonnie Schuyler; acupuncturists Lauren Mund and Debra Rose; and energy medicine specialists the Rev. Sue Greer and Athena Allread.

Furtado said they hope to expand services with more practitioners in February.

Health professionals offer various times for appointments. More information can be found at or by calling 644-0130.