Cape elementary schools raise $20K for heart association

May 15, 2019

Each year, Cape Henlopen School District elementary students participate in the American Heart Association Kids Heart Challenge.

In February and March, 215 students from Shields, Milton, Rehoboth and Love Creek elementary schools collectively raised more than $20,000 for the American Heart Association.

The goal of the Kids Heart Challenge is for students to not only learn jump rope skills, but also learn how their heart works, all while raising money to help kids with special hearts. It aims to prepare students for success through physical and emotional well-being. Students also learn how to check their pulse and heart rate, and learn the anatomy of the heart.

“This is an event that students and staff look forward to each year,” said Rich Lantz, physical education teacher at Rehoboth Elementary. “Students not only work hard to raise money, but they also get the opportunity to learn how to make healthy eating choices and how to exercise properly to maintain a healthy heart.”

Students celebrated their successful fundraising with special in-class physical activities related to jumping. They included basketball, box jumps, using minitrampolines, and jumping rope. Students who chose to participate were tasked with daily challenges like exercising for 60 minutes, choosing water over sugary drinks, and doing good deeds.

“Everyone at Love Creek was so impressed with the hard work our students poured into the fundraising for this program,” said Connie Bean, physical education teacher at Love Creek Elementary. “The Love Creek students raised nearly $11,000 this year, and I couldn’t be prouder of them!”

The American Heart Association reported that Shields Elementary students raised $3,447, and Milton Elementary raised $2,217. Rehoboth Elementary was second in donations with $4,431, and Love Creek Elementary topped the donation chart with $10,919.

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