Pickleball players donate $2K to Beebe Millville campus

August 1, 2019

Team captains of Team Cancer and Team Cardiac from the Survivors’ Team Pickleball Competition joined organizer Vaughn Baker July 26 to present a $2,000 donation for Beebe Healthcare’s new freestanding emergency department and cancer center due to be completed on Roxana Road near Millville in 2020.

The survivors’ competition was intended to show Delawareans that despite cardiac and cancer events, with proper and timely medical care, they can return to active lifestyles. The fundraiser event was held at Big Chill Beach Club.

“The participants in the Survivors Team Pickleball – all either cancer or cardiac survivors – unanimously requested that the funds go to the new Beebe Healthcare campus, which will put a great many more of us within the important ‘golden hour’ for cardiac events, as well as provide quality cancer care in a convenient location,” Baker said.

Pickleball has been around more than 50 years and became popular in southern Delaware about five years ago with the formation of the First State Pickleball Club and its beginner clinics. The recent five-year Delaware Recreation report indicated that 20 percent of the survey in southeast Sussex County now play pickleball.

“The health benefits that these pickleball players seem to be receiving from their sport is certainly in accord with Beebe’s desire to keep people healthy through exercise and an active lifestyle,” said Diane Barlow, Beebe Medical Foundation gift planning officer.

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