Urban Float seeks support for healthcare workers’ float therapy

April 3, 2020

Urban Float in Rehoboth Beach has started a healthcare float relief program that benefits healthcare workers who are serving the community during this challenging time. The program started in March and runs through Thursday, April 30.

Owner and Events Manager Amy Casas said, “Our float center has been considered an essential service under health and personal care, and we do meet all the guidelines set forth by the state, but we made the conscious decision to close our doors and evaluate our status on a week-to-week basis. With this program, our goal is to be able to bring the healing benefits of floatation therapy to healthcare workers in and around our region once we reopen.”

Normally, float therapy costs $90 per 60-minute session. Urban Float has reduced that cost to $39 hoping to drive donations into the healthcare float relief program. Urban Float members also have the option to donate their float credits to the program, and the normal transfer fee of $10 will be waived.

“While we are closed, our Float Club members will receive double float credits, depending on their club level, as long as they stay as an active member with us. They also have the option to donate any number of floats from their account into the program with no transfer fees,” said Casas.

Urban Float is a premier floatation therapy spa in Rehoboth Beach. Its team is committed to contributing to the overall wellness of the community. Urban Float has six private floatation rooms with private showers that help guests and members increase mindfulness, manage pain, improve sleep, and decrease anxiety and stress. Each floatation pod has 1,200 pounds of dissolved Epsom salts in purified warm water. Guests and members can also spend time in their relaxation room that is equipped with soothing music and a fireplace for a pre- and post-float experience.

Urban Float celebrated its one-year anniversary Feb. 4.

For more information or to donate to the healthcare float relief program, call 302-232-3141 or email


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