Move forward with Mills, Gossett, Lagree

July 30, 2020

If you love Rehoboth, as we have for 41 years, thank a host of past mayors, commissioners and citizens who worked to protect and maintain the scale of our cityscape, the tree canopy, green public spaces, our lakes and beaches.   At this moment, we are at a crossroads. Four major projects are in the pipeline: three hotels totaling 242 new rooms (the Belhaven, the Rehoboth Grand and the Atlantic Crown), plus a new theater complex for Clear Space. Together these projects have the potential to drastically alter our commercial district and dilute what some have referred to as our “brand.”      

Rehoboth’s “brand,” or small-town charm, is what attracts generations of people to enjoy our guarded beach, Dolle’s for caramel popcorn, and the rides at Funland.  Experience matters, and today’s development issues, while similar to those we faced in the past, could have a far more detrimental effect on our commercial district because of their number and scale.

Development pressures in both commercial and residential areas are far greater – potential short-term profits from property development seem to be in the driver’s seat - and the proposals are coming forward faster than ever. We need Stan Mills, Patrick Gossett and Jay Lagree at the helm to face these, and the inevitable new challenges.    

Mills, Gossett and Lagree have all served the city as city commissioners, and in other capacities, so their records and positions are knowable to voters. Mills lives in Rehoboth year-round and has proven his commitment to the city by spearheading Boardwalk reconstruction, recycling programs and expanded city communications.   He has served as a city commissioner for 12 years (including four as deputy mayor). Over the course of 18 years, Gossett, known for doing his homework and examining all sides of an issue, was an effective and thoughtful planning commissioner and city commissioner. Lagree, as a city audit committee member for more than a decade, knows his way around the budget, and demonstrated his knowledge and dedication as a commissioner as well.  With past as prologue, Mills, Lagree and Gossett will continue to serve us in an open-minded and accessible manner. Perhaps most important, all have committed to transparent, unrushed and participatory government with public business done with integrity and in clear view.

If you love what we property owners have always enjoyed here in Rehoboth, let’s move forward in the safe hands of Stan Mills, Jay Lagree and Patrick Gossett.

Al and Andrea Hoffman
Rehoboth Beach
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