Achieving Rehoboth Beach balance

July 31, 2020

As my 30-plus years as a property owner in Rehoboth Beach, I sense now about damaging recent changes from our recent leadership in city government. Historically, our city became remarkably successful along the Mid-Atlantic coast. Rehoboth Beach has built and maintained a unique balance in our only one square mile. The prime elements of our balance are the  rich resource of our coastline, parks and lakes; a strong beach and tourism with an active business economy in the core of the city; and finally, a residential and rental  base in traditional and evolving local communities with several neighborhoods. Together, this “balance” created true character as a unique small town. Rehoboth and Lewes are both unique but both different in character. Somehow that Rehoboth balance, difficult to sustain, has reached a successful and charming coastal small town with economic reward, but with natural value all in the square mile.

It is that balance of these prime elements that is the heart of our small town that works. That character is why you feel better when you exit from Route 1 and cross the canal into the Avenue or into one of the neighborhoods. You are seeing either the many business stores or the trees and lakes in smaller streets.  My own sense is that the recent city leadership of a majority of our city leader and commissioners have steadily gravitated away from our balance. City decisions are too fast, too little transparence or public inclusion,  more aggressive actions focused on economic growth, increased budget for new projects  and actions without good planning. It’s too fast, too expensive, and quick actions often withdrew from hasty mistakes.  City taxes are too high and taxes still growing from the current team. Simply stating, our last three years have not been successful by the current mayor or several commission members.

Fortunately, the people of Rehoboth Beach are offered three candidates who are together remarkably experienced in prior years, and prove to our citizens that they are truly dedicated to the balance of our city.   From my many years working with Patrick Gossett I know he is the most knowledgeable and open-minded leader with years of citizen participation; Jay Lagree comes back to the commission as our experienced leader who has expertise to lead the financial, budgetary and tax challenges. Stan Mills is the right mayor because has been a lifelong volunteer, planner, commissioner and a leader who knows the comprehensive requirements of the entire city, which is essential. For those voters who want to have strong commissioners  who can restore and sustain the true historical  balance for Rehoboth Beach, then put back the job by our leadership with Patrick, Jay and Stan.

Guy Martin
Rehoboth Beach
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