Doctor provides therapeutic approach to align the mind, body

Kinetic Flow Method’s Danielle Wagamon offering services in Lewes
December 22, 2020

Story Location:
1200 Savannah Road
Lewes, DE 19958
United States

Dr. Danielle Wagamon defines herself as a physical therapist with a unique skill set.

In her practice, she treats not just the physical condition, but all aspects of the mind and body that cause pain in a comprehensive approach clients must also commit to when they leave her office for optimal results.

“I break down the body,” she said. “Pain in one part of the body can be caused by issues in other parts of the body. You get long-lasting results by treating multiple areas of the body.”

For people with chronic pain, for instance, Wagamon said she studies the emotional and spiritual aspects not often considered by practitioners.

“Posture issues result from their experiences and what they do on a daily basis,” she said. “I can teach them to open their chest and strengthen their back, but why do they go back to a natural holding pattern?”

To find out, Wagamon said, she dives deep into all aspects and prior trauma that cause pain, and says clients have to commit to being aware and mindful to guide themselves to transformational change.

“I set them up for success by knowing how they operate,” she said. “Helping them achieve small goals along the way is how they can make it work.”

Calling herself more hands-on than a traditional therapist, Wagamon provides manual physical therapy, spinal manipulation, myofascial release, functional movement analysis, spinal/joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, posture re-education and functional dry needling.

Dry needling is the only procedure that requires a physician’s order. During dry needling, several fine, short, stainless steel needles are inserted into trigger points in muscle or tissue to help relieve muscle pain, spasms or knots. 

The goal, she says, is to keep patients moving.

“They can stay active doing the things they enjoy by modifying the way they move to enable participation,” she said. “They need to view it with a different mindset and approach, figure out what hurts and how to get relief.”

Breathing is the way to bridge the gap between the mind and body, Wagamon said. Proper breathing allows clients to look inward and have better awareness of their bodies so they can incorporate mindful movement like Pilates or yoga, for which she is also a certified instructor.

Based on her frustration with how insurance drives treatment, Wagamon said she does not participate with health insurances; her practice is fee-for-service.

“Cash pay makes it more of an incentive to commit yourself and do what you need,” she said. “You need to  hold yourself accountable; I’m here to help heal and facilitate.”

Wagamon is currently offering holiday special pricing, including an initial evaluation and 60-90-minute treatment for $147; 60-minute follow-up visits for $127 each; a five-visit package including evaluation, exam and treatment for $500; and 10 visits for $850.

The more visits, the better to work on fine-tuning one thing at a time, Wagamon said, with spacing between visits so clients can work on issues at home.

“One visit does not give immediate results. Implementing a habit takes a minimum of two weeks, if not more,” she said. “It’s best to spread visits out so they can focus on what to do at home.”

Kinetic Flow Method is located at 1200 Savannah Road, Lewes. Call 302-569-2609 or go to for more information.

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