Navarro signs health policy letter to President-elect Biden

January 4, 2021

A group of the nation’s state insurance commissioners joined together in a pledge to work with President-elect Joe Biden by providing health policy recommendations to the incoming administration.

The commissioners share Biden’s vision that no American should have to go without healthcare coverage. They believe comprehensive and progressive healthcare is essential to addressing urgent public health priorities, such as the COVID-19 and opioid crises, addressing racial disparities in the healthcare system, and ensuring enforcement of mental health parity.

“President-elect Biden knows the healthcare needs of Delaware residents firsthand. So many of the healthcare challenges we face are being felt across the country, and I am proud to join insurance commissioners from coast to coast in recommending short- and long-term policy solutions,” said Delaware Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro.

A letter sent by the group of commissioners detailed six immediate or critical policy recommendations and six longer-term recommendations for the Biden administration to consider.

Immediate policy recommendations:

• Ensure immediate access to the federal marketplace,, through a special enrollment period 
• Provide immediate relief from Affordable Care Act subsidy clawbacks created by COVID-19 uncertainty
• Provide clarity on COVID-19 testing coverage requirements, especially in regard to tests that are ordered as part of state-based contact tracing efforts
• Partner with states in actively focusing on programs and practices that address the needs of historically marginalized communities
• Address problematic elements of the recently proposed Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for Plan Year 2022
• Allow flexibility for states aiming to pursue progressive policy aims by empowering them to apply for ACA innovation waivers beyond reinsurance.

Longer-term policy priorities

• Reverse policies, such as the weakening of nondiscrimination protections and the public charge rule, that undermine the ACA and deny healthcare coverage to many people.
• Encourage both people and small businesses to enroll in ACA programs, and stop encouraging enrollment in insurance plans that do not provide the ACA’s most critical consumer protections
• Improve income counting rules to allow consumers greater flexibility 
• Extend premium tax credits to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients so that legally present noncitizens have access to healthcare coverage
• Modernize Department of Labor oversight of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act to ensure all health insurance coverage is held to similar standards
• Consider a national reinsurance program to stabilize health insurance markets and improve affordability of health insurance coverage.

Enacting these policy recommendations will provide immediate relief to many Americans affected by the COVID-19 crisis, provide states with flexibility to strengthen health insurance markets, remove discriminatory barriers to health coverage, protect the coverage needs of Americans with pre-existing conditions, and ensure comprehensive health insurance access is available to all Americans.

The following state insurance commissioners developed these recommendations and are committed to working with the Biden administration on its national healthcare plan: Trinidad Navarro, Delaware; Ricardo Lara, California; Michael Conway, Colorado; Colin M. Hayashida, Hawaii; Anita G. Fox, Michigan; Grace Arnold, Minnesota; Andrew R. Stolfi, Oregon; Jessica K. Altman, Pennsylvania; Marie Ganim, Rhode Island; Mike Kreidler, Washington; and Mark Afable, Wisconsin.


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