Breathe, Bend, Be session set March 29

March 24, 2022

HealTree and Ever Present Yoga will present Breathe, Bend, Be, guided by Jude Block, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 29, at 1632 Savannah Road, Suite 9, Lewes.

Breath awareness is the key to creating calm as it soothes and settles both body and mind. Connection to the breath allows individuals to observe how and where they hold tension while encouraging a gentle release. Breath awareness activates networks in the brain that assist in the reduction of feelings of fear and anxiety. Recent studies are exploring the science behind breath awareness and its ability to regulate the nervous system. The insula region of the brain activates when one breathes consciously. This part of the brain is believed to play a role in compassion, empathy, perception, self-awareness, cognitive functioning and interpersonal experience. These functions assist in the regulation of emotions and the stress response.

In this workshop, participants will explore three yogic breathing techniques to help ease the stress response: dirgha pranayama (three-part breath), nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) and sama vritta (equal breathing/box breathing). The breath's nurturing rhythm will cultivate clarity, focus and an overall sense of well-being. Participants can build confidence in knowing that they can carry these anxiety-reducing tools with them to access at any time. Participants will also practice some gentle stretching and a guided meditation to round out the evening. Cost is $45 per person. Participants are encouraged to bring a yoga mat and/or a blanket. To learn more or sign up, go to or call 302-827-4683.


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