Beebe Healthcare cuts ribbon on mobile clinic

November 21, 2022

Beebe Healthcare is set to take its medical services on the road with its new mobile health clinic.

Beebe officials cut the ribbon on the mobile clinic Nov. 16, with plans to begin taking it out on the road after Thanksgiving weekend. The mobile clinic will be able to do screenings, vaccinations, mental health, doctor consultations and addiction services. 

Beebe President and CEO Dr. David Tam said, “We provide care for the people who live, work and visit and seek care here in Sussex County. Sussex County is a great place where people come from all around. We all know there are still challenges to providing quality care. This is our initiative now to not just take care of patients, but to take care to patients.”

The plan is for the mobile clinic to set up shop at community centers, schools, churches and CHEER centers, but Tam said Beebe also wants to set up in a more anonymous way for things like addiction services because people seeking those services often do not want to be in crowded spaces. 

The mobile clinic has been in the works for three years as a way to bring care to the people. Often, Tam said, people will come to Beebe’s hospitals for services, but will not follow up. The mobile clinic, he said, is a way to help provide continuing care. 

“We expect this thing to be on the road every single day,” Tam said. 

He added that Beebe is hoping to get a second mobile clinic in the future. 

Terry Megee, chairman of Beebe Healthcare’s board of directors, said, “We are proud Beebe Healthcare is taking a mobile unit out into the community. It aligns with our mission of making Sussex County the healthiest possible community we can have.”


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