Celebrating 50th anniversary of Cape’s girls’ basketball state title

March 3, 2023

Did you know about this time 50 years ago our Cape Henlopen girls’ basketball team won the first Delaware girls’ high school state championship basketball tournament? I had the pleasure of being on that team with my teammates, and my experience was made even more special by sharing those times with my older sister/teammate too. It was a very wonderful time of all our lives. I’ll forever remember the high school parking lot being full of family, friends and fans upon our return to town. Our team had heart and determination. Some of us went on to play college ball, coach, mentor younger kids, etc. I believe the majority of us are still walking this earth, though we did lose teammate Delores Walker and our coach Bob Cassady a few years ago. I remember Dolores as being kind and funny, and Bob was a good man who obviously did a great job coaching us. We also had a No. 1 fan in the late Mike Hill of Lewes, who on away games would have the bus stop at McDonald’s, where he’d buy us all dinner. That was a very big deal and treat back then.

While Cape Henlopen High School has won many state championships since 1973, the girls’ basketball team has yet to duplicate our win.

I find that amazing and special 50 years later. We were on the cusp of change in girls’ high school sports and women's sports in general; pioneers, one might say. Growing up back then, girls did not have the same opportunities in sports as our male counterparts.

We are proud of our long-standing win, and we hope it serves as a tribute to our alma mater. At the same time, we continue to root for Cape girls’ basketball to do it again!

Amy J. Reed Parker


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