Clock ticking for marijuana bills

Governor has days to sign, veto or do nothing and let them become law
April 14, 2023

The future of legalized marijuana is again in Gov. John Carney’s hands after the bills officially were delivered to him this week.

Carney can now do three things: Sign them into law, veto them or do nothing and they will become law after 10 days, excluding Sundays.

In March, the General Assembly passed both House Bill 1 to legalize up to an ounce of marijuana possession for adults, and House Bill 2 that would regulate a marijuana industry in Delaware. House Bill 1 was delivered to Carney April 11, which means he has to take action by Saturday, April 22, if he plans to sign or veto. House Bill 2 was delivered April 14, giving him until April 26 to take action.

Last year, a legalization bill made it to Carney’s desk, which he vetoed. The House then failed to get the supermajority votes needed to override his veto.

Bill sponsor Rep. Ed Osienski, D-Newark, said he is hopeful this year will be different.

“We have been on a long, multi-year journey with the Marijuana Control Act. We have had countless hearings, debates, stakeholder engagement and deliberations. We have incorporated numerous suggestions and changes from interested parties – including the governor’s office – throughout this process to arrive at what I believe is the best possible plan for legalizing and regulating adult recreational marijuana,” he said in a press release

Carney’s office confirmed they had received the bills, but offered no further comment.


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