All about Delaware: And the survey says ...

March 1, 2024

I’m going to go beyond Sussex County in this column to reveal how Delaware ranks in various categories. I receive at least two emails a day from marketing firms on new studies about everything from the most popular sports teams and performers to solar power.

Remember that nearly every number associated with the state is based on per capita populations, usually 100,000 people.

And, like me, I’m sure you won’t agree with every one of these because as we all know, as the state goes, Sussex County usually doesn’t.

Delaware is in the top 10 states in the number of EV charging stations, wait times at emergency rooms, rooftop solar units, most expensive assisted living, self-employed workers, fewest fire departments, cyber security risk, saving money, spoiled dogs and substance abuse.

And the state is No. 1 as the luckiest to win Powerball and in the number of gig workers, which are temporary workers or freelancers who work as independent contractors.

Cape most beautiful area

Cape Henlopen State Park was selected as the state’s most beautiful area in a survey of eastern states. Deep Creek Lake State Park was Maryland’s most beautiful spot based on Instagram posts (New Jersey Real Estate Network).

Waterfront homes in Lewes and beachfront homes in Rehoboth Beach were the top two places people selected to purchase property if they won a major lottery (Lottery’n Go).

The most popular team in 2023 was the Philadelphia Eagles, based on online searches. In Maryland, it was the Baltimore Orioles. The top five most popular teams in the nation are: 1. Dallas Cowboys; 2. Miami Heat; 3. Buffalo Bills; 4. Atlanta Braves; 5. Golden State Warriors. Top three most popular professional sports in the nation: 1. Major League Baseball; 2. NFL Football; 3. NBA Basketball (Lucky Gambler).

The top five landmarks in Delaware are: 1. Nemours Estate; 2. Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk; 3. Hopkins Farm Creamery; 4. Indian River Inlet bridge; 5. Grand Opera House (Architecture Lab).

Delaware is No. 4 in the longest emergency room response time at 211 minutes, which is more than three hours. The study includes data from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to find the median times patients waited in emergency rooms across the nation. Maryland tops the list at 247 minutes, while North Dakota is at the bottom with 107 minutes (High Rise Financial).

Delaware is No. 8 in the number of EV charging stations, with 22 stations per 100,000 people. Massachusetts is at the top with 85 stations per 100,000. The most popular EV car is Tesla Model Y (FINN).

Best place for Powerball

Delaware is No. 1 as the luckiest state to play Powerball (10 major jackpot winners) with the most winners per capita since its inception in 1992. That’s nearly one win for every 100,000 people. The unluckiest states are North Dakota, Wyoming and Mississippi (CasinoUS).

Delaware is No. 3 in rooftop solar units after Hawaii and Kentucky (Consumer Affairs research).

We’re No. 3 on the list of states with the most expensive assisted-living facilities. The average monthly cost is $6,101 in the state; the national average is $4,401.

The First State is No. 10 in self-employed workers, with nearly 5% of all workers or 21,905 people identifying as self-employed. The top three states are Florida, Montana and Wyoming (Wealth of Geeks).

Delaware is No. 10 in states with the fewest fire departments, with 58 departments or 5.86 per 100,000 people. Florida and California have the least amount, while South Dakota and North Dakota have the most (

In the category of skyline beauty, Fenwick Island was 12th and Lewes was 26th. The top three are New Bern, N.C.; Walla Walla, Wash.; and Estes Park, Col. (

We’re the No. 7 in best state for gamers. Delaware has the third-fastest internet speeds and fourth-largest number of console repair shops per capita. The top three are Texas, Maryland and Virginia (Cribbage Online).

Top TV shows

The top five favorite TV shows in the state: 1. Ted Lasso (Apple+); 2. Andor (Disney+); 3. House of the Dragon (HBO); 4. Succession (HBO); 5. The White Lotus (HBO) (America’s Most Popular TV Shows by State).

Delaware ranks 12th in government debt with $8,365 per capita or 9.44% of the state’s GDP (Forbes Advisor).

The First State is No. 9 in most exposed cybersecurity risks. More than 94% of residents have access to the internet. Delaware is also among the top 10 states in relation to the number of pre-kindergarten to fourth-grade students who have at least one electronic device with internet access (

We’re the No. 1 state for most interest in gig-work, which is a phrase used to describe temporary workers or freelancers who work as independent contractors. The most popular company to work for across the nation is Amazon Flex, based on internet searches (

Delaware is the eighth-best state to play pickleball. Factors include internet searches, number of courts, average rainfall, events, air-quality index and average temperature. The top score possible is 100. Delaware scored a 57.2. The top three states are: 1. Arizona; 2. Utah; and 3. Hawaii (Pickleball Union).

The top dogs

Here are two surveys with different data. I guess there is a difference between favored and popular.

Delaware’s most favored dog is the Boston terrier. The top 5 most favored dogs in the nation: 1. Australian shepherd; 2. German shepherd; 3. Bulldog; 4. Labrador retriever; 5. Bernese mountain dog (Forbes Advisor).

The golden retriever is the most popular dog breed in the state, just like it is in 38 other states, including Maryland and New Jersey (PetLab).

Delaware is No. 3 in the best states for saving money, with a score of 72 out of 100. Delaware has the lowest personal bankruptcy rate of any state and third-highest home ownership rate in the nation. That’s based on several factors including rate of home ownership, household debt-to-income ratio, unemployment rates and bankruptcy rates. The top two are Vermont and Maine (Moneywise).

The top five most Googled diets in the state: 1. Mediterranean; 2. intermittent fasting; 3. Keto; 4. Dash; 5. Whole30 (Fitness Brand).

The quietest gym times are: Sunday, 10 p.m.; Sunday, 3 a.m; and Saturday, 10 p.m. The busiest times are: Tuesday, 5 p.m.; Tuesday, 6 p.m.; Monday, 5 p.m. based on Google data (Set for Set).

Delaware is No. 10 in the nation in terms of rate of substance abuse, with 294 in-care residents per 100,000 people. The top three are: 1. Iowa; 2. Arizona; 3. Connecticut. States with the lowest rates are: 1. Texas; 2. California; 3. Alabama (The Freedom Center).

And spoiled dogs

Delaware is seventh highest on a list of most spoiled dogs with things like home-cooked meals, using strollers, wearing outfits and doggie birthday parties. The top three states: 1. Florida; 2. Alaska; 3. Washington (Forbes).

The top five most popular New Year’s resolutions among Delaware residents include: 1. weight loss; 2. eating healthy; 3. drinking more water; 4. stop snoring; 5. quit smoking (Snussboss).

Delaware is the second-highest-paying state in businesses with fewer than five employees and five to nine employees. The average wage is $69,383, which is 24% over the national average (Venture Smarter).


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