Lewes Senior Activity Center visits Portugal with the Cape Gazette in tow

May 15, 2024

A Lewes Senior Activity Center group recently took an amazing trip to Portugal. The Gazette was tagging along when they visited the cork factory near Evora. It was fun learning about how Portugal is the number one cork producer in the world, and how cork is used for many things other than stopping a bottle. It is used to make purses, shoes, and oil pan gaskets for cars. Memories were made while touring the major cities of Porto and Lisbon, the majestic limestone cliffs of the Algarve Coast, and the island of Madeira. A few other things the travelers also enjoyed were touring 16th-century monasteries, Moorish cities, and the Chapel of Bones. The trip to Portugal wouldn’t have been complete without feasting on fresh seafood or sampling many fine wines, including Madeira wine and green wine.



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