August 12, 2014

Who’s afraid of the big bad spud? Doctors, dieters, dietitians and diabetics, to name only a few.  But their fears are unwarranted, claims Dr. John McDougall in his latest McDougall Moment ( and in his powerful book THE STARCH SOLUTION.  McDougall points out that potatoes are one of the most healthful low calorie (150 cal/large baked potato) foods known to humans.  They are loaded with nutrients and have been the key to survival for large populations around the globe for generations.  So what are people afraid of?  It’s the butter, cream, cheese and all the oil and meat concoctions piled on potatoes that people should be afraid of!  Don’t blame the humble potato for the ogre it is not!

Potatoes of all kinds, shapes and sizes are an important part of my daily diet.  Because potatoes are a rich source of energy-giving starch as well as high in nutrients, I include them in meals at least once a day prepared in a variety of ways:  baked, steamed, boiled, broiled, “fried” with onions, mashed with cooked onions and a little non-dairy milk, chunked in soups and chopped into salads.  Pre-cooked potatoes still in their skins make a handy portable snack for adults and children.

When my husband and I spent a month in the UK a year ago, we thrived on “jacket potatoes”--baked potatoes topped with fat-free baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, or mixed vegetables.  That has become a favorite menu item for a meal in a jiffy.

So don’t be a “potato-phobe”.  Give the potato center stage in your life. Assign meat, dairy and oil to back stage. Bring on colorful vegetables in supporting roles and watch the drama of vibrant health unfold!

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