Eye Safety Tips for Your Home

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October 11, 2018

While most people follow eye safety protocol while on the job, you might be surprised to know that your eyes can be just as much at risk for injury while in your own home. Here are some tips from Sussex Eye Center to help protect your eyes and to establish a plan for if you ever have an eye injury while in your home.

 The most common household injury is getting chemicals or debris in the eye. Anything from cleaning products, to cooking oil, to     debris from a lawn mower can get into the eye and cause significant damage. Chemicals and oils can burn the eye and cause         immediate scarring and damage. A piece of debris can scratch the eye and cause significant pain and risk for serious infection.


 The best way to prevent these types of injuries is to wear protective eye wear. A pair of glasses or even a pair of sunglasses will serve as a barrier between your eyes and the outside world, but this is not always the best option. Your prescription glasses are NOT safety glasses and can be damaged or even shatter, which could cause even worse injury to your eyes. If you do a lot of projects around your home with tools or chemicals, it is recommended you have a pair of polycarbonate safety glasses with side shields to protect your eyes during these types of activities.


Man Drilling

In the event that you have an eye injury at home, it is good to be prepared to know how to handle this situation and have a plan in place to get help. If an eye injury involves getting something in the eye, flushing with saline solution or water for 20 minutes or longer can help to remove or flush out the irritant. You should call your eye doctor immediately and be seen as quickly as possible. Ignoring the problem or waiting to see if it gets worse can only lead to more damage and risk of infection.


At Sussex Eye Center, all of our optometrists are able to remove foreign bodies, treat abrasions and chemical burns to the eye, and will be able to get you in the same day in this unfortunate situation happens to you. Our doctors and opticians are also happy to recommend safety eye wear for your hobbies and lifestyle so we can help protect your eyes and your vision. Make an appointment to see us today at Sussex Eye Center!