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November 12, 2020

At one time or another, we will all face obstacles that feel insurmountable, whether it’s a personal mental health challenge, a loved one’s illness, a community tragedy, or the permeating acts of hatred and violence that have left communities around the world grieving and in crisis. In these troubling times, we need each other more than ever; we need to be educated in the best ways to love and support our friends and family through tough times.

We are all responsible for one another.

Inspired by fundamental Jewish values, Jewish Family Services (JFS) supports people of all backgrounds – regardless of religion, race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or special need. JFS has the unique privilege of representing the tzedakah (justice), compassion, and loving kindness of the Jewish people to the broader community; many JFS clients are not Jewish, but all of them learn what it means to be Jewish – the beauty of our traditions, the strength of our commandments, and our commitment to tikkun olam, building a better world. Through counseling and support services, individuals and families are assisted through some of the most challenging and vulnerable times of their lives.

With communities around the world mourning lives lost in acts of violence and hatred, we are left to comfort each other in the faces of fear and uncertainty as we all hold our breath for the next senseless attack. People are struggling in more ways than we can see or imagine, and JFS is more committed than ever to the mission of supporting, educating, and healing the community.

“We have seen an increase in the need to address anxiety, depression, suicide, and addiction, among other challenges,” says Jane Galli, JFS’ Director of Outpatient Behavioral Health. “Our counseling staff is responding in immediate and personalized ways, working closely with parents, students, educators, and community leaders.”

Holistic counseling and compassionate professional therapists can help individuals and families take charge of their lives during challenging circumstances. Treatment choices for mental health conditions will vary from person to person – even people with the same diagnoses will have different experiences, needs, and goals for treatment. It’s important to find trusted counselors who are equipped to personalize therapeutic approaches to find the best solutions for each individual.

Delaware has a robust network of support services for emotional well-being and healing in which JFS continues to be a thought leader and expert. JFS is grateful to have support and resources from community partners to ensure the best possible outcomes for those we serve. Our impact is strengthened further by collaborations with sibling agencies under Jewish Federation of Delaware and local congregations, which assist JFS in broadening its reach and building its capacity to make a meaningful, enduring difference.

“JFS is here, meeting people where they are,” says JFS CEO, Basha Silverman. “People shouldn’t hesitate to call or ask for help. We all have our ups and downs and what we encounter in the world around us doesn’t always make life easier – there are some things we just have no control’s hard to know what to do. But JFS is here to help in every way we can. I want JFS to be the safe, comfortable, trusted resource for everyone in our community.”

In these difficult and confusing times, we must remember our responsibility to love and care for one another. Instead of leaving each other isolated and paralyzed by the uncertainty of how to ask for help, we must make help more readily available to all.


We are here to help! JFS Delaware strengthens individuals, families, and the community through counseling and support services. Our services are available to everyone and we promote the well-being of all, regardless of religion, race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or gender identity, disability or special need. Call for more information and schedule an appointment today: 302-478-9411 or

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