Becker’s service deserves recognition

May 20, 2022

“Lewes and the surrounding area continue to experience unparalleled growth. With this comes numerous challenges for residents and government. Proactive management of this growth and development will be key to maintaining Lewes’ many outstanding characteristics, including open space, historic preservation and small-town atmosphere. In addition, it is critical that the city’s commercial district remain viable, attractive and unique.”

Those words were attributed to Ted Becker when he filed to run for city council in 2004.

Nearly two decades later, similar words were used by all three candidates seeking to become Lewes’ mayor. Andrew Williams’ message resonated with the majority of voters, and he will take the gavel from Becker Monday, May 23. 

Over the last 18 years – 10 as a council member and eight as mayor – Becker and his various colleagues have had the difficult task of navigating unparalleled growth, and many other tough issues. 

Whether residents agree or disagree with Becker’s decisions, that length of service deserves recognition. The jobs of mayor and council person are mostly thankless. In Lewes, council members earn just $3,000 a year, while the mayor collects $4,000. It is much more than just showing up at council’s monthly meeting. Countless hours are required to be prepared to make informed decisions on issues that affect a lot of people. 

Members of mayor and council often endure a lot of scrutiny – some warranted, some not. In a town the size of Lewes, these people are neighbors, and all are seeking what’s best for the community. 

That’s what makes Becker’s service to the town so admirable. Yes, he’s a businessman. But his intentions have always been to make Lewes the best it can be. 

Lewes has certainly changed. Many folks don’t like it. Residents have reacted by completely replacing mayor and city council in three consecutive elections. Williams and Councilman Tim Ritzert have the most experience at two years. Their colleagues Carolyn Jones and Khalil Saliba are completing their first. A new council member will be appointed to serve Williams’ final year. They will all have to navigate the future together. 


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