Braxton Hicks to introduce ‘Extraordinary Girl’ this week at Rehoboth’s Dogfish Head

September 19, 2019

Local indie-rock act Braxton Hicks will celebrate the release of its new CD titled "Extraordinary Girl" with a free show at the Dogfish Head brewpub in downtown Rehoboth Beach at 10 p.m., Friday, Sept. 20.

The disc is available as a hard-copy CD and is also available via streaming services including Spotify and Amazon. The first single, "High," blends pop with ska-punk. The EP's other five tracks lean more toward dream-pop evoking Foster the People and Florence & the Machine.
Braxton Hicks was also scheduled to perform in Philadelphia at the Kung Fu Necktie venue Thursday, Sept. 19.

Several videos from the EP have been uploaded to YouTube, including a lyric video for "Boy King" - singer and lyricist Carrie Baith's not-so-sutble jab at President Donald Trump. The band's lead guitarist also has a political connection through his high-profile day job; he is Rep. Bill Bush’s representative for the state's 29th district.

The group is rounded out by rhythm guitarist Mike Fernandez, bassist Roger Hillis and drummer Rod Whisner. The band has hit the regional festival circuit this year, appearing at the Jersey Shore Music Festival, the Wilmington edition of the Ladybug Festival and Dewey Beach's Delaware Music Festival. It has previously traveled to Austin, Texas, to perform at the South by Southwest festival. A 2018 opening act set for alt-rock pioneer Matthew Sweet at Dewey Beach's Bottle & Cork elicited several on-stage shout-outs from the headliner.

The "Extraordinary Girl" CD was recorded at Songbuilders Studios in Baltimore, Md., where the band reconvened last month to track three more songs for a 2020 followup project.


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