Cape parents surveyed on school, bus options

Responses to determine spacing, in-person schedules
August 16, 2020

Cape district families were surveyed Aug. 10-12 on schooling and transportation choices for their children to determine spacing and scheduling for the first marking period of the 2020-21 school year.

The school board voted Aug. 6 to allow parents to choose from fully remote instruction or a hybrid model that combines remote and in-person instruction.

Cape Assistant Superintendent Jenny Nauman said building administrators and secretaries began reaching out via phone to all families who hadn’t responded by the time the survey closed at 4 p.m., Aug. 12. 

“Once we have contacted everyone, we will be able to determine space in the elementary schools and the days that students will be in person at the secondary level,” Nauman said. 

Parents who chose in-person instruction were asked if their children would walk to/from school, would have their own transportation or would need district-provided transportation. Those who would be riding the bus were asked if they needed transportation both to and from school, to school in the morning or to return home in the afternoon.

Families were asked if their children had access to the internet for remote learning with a reliable connection, with inconsistent reliability, or if they did not have access to the internet; they were also asked if their children would have an adult at home who could assist with remote learning.

Along with the survey, learning model descriptions for elementary remote learning and secondary remote/hybrid were released. Grading and attendance expectations resume, both documents state.

Remote learning at the elementary level entails small- and whole-group reading and math via Zoom, science and social studies, and independent work. Live sessions will be recorded for viewing at a later time. Elementary students attending in-person instruction will attend school Monday through Friday.

In the hybrid model for middle and high school students, pupils will be divided into two cohorts.

Cohort one will attend in person on Monday and Tuesday and work remotely on Thursday and Friday, while cohort two will work remotely on Monday and Tuesday and in person on Thursday and Friday. Both cohorts will work remotely on Wednesdays.

Secondary students in remote learning will receive instruction on Wednesdays for their full schedule, and will be able to contact teachers during office hours each day.

The first day of school is Wednesday, Sept. 16.

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