Cape unveils proposed elementary enrollment area changes

Plan moves students from Love Creek to Milton, HOB, Rehoboth schools
November 6, 2020

Cape officials unveiled proposed elementary enrollment area changes that would move students from Love Creek to Milton, H.O. Brittingham and Rehoboth elementary schools, during a Nov. 4 public meeting at Cape High.

Superintendent Bob Fulton said the draft is a good starting point for alleviating crowding at Love Creek, which has 694 students compared to 429 at Milton, 446 at HOB, 529 at Rehoboth and 541 at Shields.

“We’re trying to impact as few families as possible in the decision,” Fulton said. “We don't just move people to move people.”

Fulton said he divided the district’s five attendance zones into 34 areas to determine the number of students in each area, their socioeconomic status, and their involvement in Spanish immersion and CAP. 

Distance to schools will also be considered, he said, and developments will not be divided. A decision regarding school choice placement has not yet been made, he said.

Under the proposal, Shields students on the western side of Route 9 and the western Love Creek zone would go to Milton Elementary, and some students in the Lincoln area would move from Milton to HOB.

Students in the Coastal Club development would remain at Love Creek, and students in the Plantation Road and Route 1 area would move to Rehoboth Elementary.

The move would change enrollment to 592 students at Love Creek, 511 at Milton, 477 at HOB, 547 at Rehoboth, and 512 at Shields.

While attendance at Love Creek would decrease by 100 students, Fulton said he would like to see that number drop further, as the zone remains the fastest-growing area in the district. Fulton said he would still like to increase numbers at HOB and MES, and just slightly at Shields and Rehoboth.

The planning team will continue working on options, Fulton said; the proposal may stay the same or change based on feedback from the school board and families.

Proposed changes can be viewed at

Discussions will continue at the Nov. 12 and 16 school board meetings, with a decision set to be made Nov. 16, or at the Dec. 10 meeting at the latest, Fulton said, with implementation set for the 2021-22 school year. Parents are asked to submit feedback to

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