Coronavirus has spawned lots of love and kindness

May 8, 2020

A wonderful lot of love has been creating an almost perceptible glow around Beebe’s main campus in Lewes during the coronavirus epidemic.  Love is flowing from the doctors, nurses, staff, administrators and directors for the patients who depend on the community’s healthcare facilities. Smiling faces and capable care are so much a part of the healing process.

Love is also being shown by a grateful community posting a parade of signs on the grounds and in yards of surrounding properties. Loud love also came recently from first responders aboard their firetrucks and ambulances converging one evening to show their appreciation for all those taking care of our health. 

Love just doesn’t want to quit and that’s good for all of us.

When I bicycled past the hospital one day last week, the big blank brick wall constructed as the outside of the new multi-million dollar hybrid surgery complex caught my eye.  A big canvas just begging for some kind of mural.  I could think of nothing better for that canvas to portray than love.

So I’ve decided to sponsor a virtual Love in the Time of Corona art contest with a $100 cash prize for the best love graphic to fit, virtually, on that wall.  I’ve included a photo here of the wall. Teresa Rodriguez, one of the Cape Gazette’s talented graphic artists, used her Photoshop magic to virtually paint Love on the wall as an example.  

I’ve also placed a photo of the wall in its blank state, as it exists, with this Barefootin’ column here online so artists who want to play can try their own hand at adding their original virtual art through whatever program they choose. Or, those who want to give it a try but without access to Photoshop can just send me their proposed love art through email to and I’ll have one of our artists Photoshop it on the picture.  

I’ll take the entries that I receive by May 22 at that same email address - if any! - and give them to an esteemed panel of judges at the Gazette to select - through a blind process - the best one.  

Then I’ll publish the winning entry here or elsewhere in the Gazette and forward a crisp new Benjamin to the artist.  

This is just for fun and to keep the love flowing.  Beebe isn’t involved in this other than providing the inspiration and there will be no effort to convince Beebe that the winning art should actually be placed on the wall. As Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf would say, that’s out of my lane.

So to all of you artists - and this area is blessed with so much talent - if you want to play, have at it.  If not, just think about love and smile.

More bicycle observation

Cruising through Rehoboth Beach last weekend while riding the Grand Cape Loop, I passed construction work underway on the new million-dollar Grove Park Dock Project by the Rehoboth Beach Museum and drawbridge.  A colorful sign by the road gives an artist’s conception of how the final product will appear as well as information on how people can make donations to this public/private partnership.

This project, which will give Lewes-Rehoboth Canal access to downtown Rehoboth Beach, represents a lot of hard work and volunteer commitment by a lot of people.  Like many publicly beneficial projects of this type, it’s been years in the making.  Work should be complete before this year is out.

Paddleboarders, kayakers, canoers, pontooners and marine cruisers are looking forward to taking advantage of this latest option for enjoying the many different outdoor recreation possibilities in Delaware’s Cape Region.

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