Crushers taking over Port 251 space in Rehoboth Beach

Cup’r Cone Homemade ice cream setting up shop on site in old shaved ice stand
January 11, 2023

Crabs, crushes and ice cream are summer staples in the Cape Region, and Rehoboth Beach’s newest restaurant venture will be featuring all three beginning this spring.

Local restaurateur Bryan Derrickson recently announced he would be opening Crushers in the restaurant space on Rehoboth Avenue that has been Port 251 for the past few summers. In addition to Crushers, Derrickson announced Cup’r Cone would be opening an ice cream stand in the small building on the opposite side of the parking lot.

Seafood is the focus for Crushers, but there are other items on the menu, including the always-popular crabs and crushes, said Derrickson, who also owns Conch Island Key West Bar and Grill off Rehoboth Avenue Extended and The Hideout Arcade Bar & Grille at Midway, off Route 1 between Lewes and Rehoboth.

Steamed shrimp and crab cakes will be part of the seafood menu, but there will also be items such as burgers and wings, said Derrickson. Happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m. will encompass the entire restaurant, not just the bar area, he said.

The cocktail menu will have orange and grapefruit crushes, along with additional summer-themed cocktails and fresh-fruit drinks, said Derrickson. The goal is to open Crushers in late April or early May.

As for the ice cream stand, Cup’r Cone owner Vince Failla said the truck has been very busy the past couple of summers and there’s still a lot to figure out, but he’s grateful for the opportunity to expand his service.

“As an ice cream fanatic, I just want to share my love and passion through tasty and unique homemade ice cream flavors,” said Failla. “It’s going to be an exciting venture, to say the least.”

Failla said the plan is to serve the business’ homemade ice cream in cups and cones. He said he’s not sure if they will be doing sundaes and shakes at the new location.

The plan is to be open on the weekends beginning May 12, then every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Beyond that, he said, future dates are still being determined.

Derrickson said Cup’r Cone may be small, but he believes it has big flavors. He said Funfetti, Scooter Crunch and Bigfoot are top sellers, and the two businesses are working on a collaboration called Crushers Caramel, which will have caramel and Old Bay as ingredients.

For now, the best way to follow the progress on Crushers is to monitor the Conch Island Facebook page.  

For more information on Cup’r Cone, go to, email or call 717-683-7566.


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