Editorial: Things to be thankful for in Sussex County

November 23, 2018

Here are just a few of the things we’re thankful for about life in Delaware’s Cape Region and Sussex County:

Roses still blooming in late November.

More than 150,000 acres of open space preserved for agriculture and outdoor recreation, and to benefit the wildlife that adds so much pleasure to our lives. We’d like to see another 100,000 acres preserved, but we have a solid foundation on which to grow.

A fiscally conservative county council that works to keep our property taxes low so we can choose how to spend our money for the matters most important to us.

A solid and diverse economy based on agriculture, tourism, retail shopping and manufacturing.

More than 30 miles of public beaches providing affordable and healthy recreation for all of the county’s residents and visitors.

Excellent and accessible healthcare facilities.

Well-trained and committed fire, medical, public safety and other emergency first responders always ready to assist in times of dire need.

A dynamic but moderate four-season climate that makes this location along the East Coast such a desirable place to live.

A wide variety of public and private schools for our children, and an agile, flexible and effective community college that provides affordable opportunities to earn life-changing academic and technical degrees all the way up to the doctorate level.

A helpful, neighborly and friendly culture driven by the fact that people live here because they want to, not because they have to.

And last but not least, dozens of opportunities for people to volunteer for community organizations and institutions that help others, and, in so doing, provide the satisfaction of participating with others and giving back.

We’re fortunate to live here and thankful for a holiday - Thanksgiving - that encourages us to reflect on these blessings.   


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