Elections: It’s time to pay attention

October 19, 2018

What sort of nation, state, county and region do we want to live in? All of these questions have a bearing on the elections coming up in two and a half weeks.

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, voters will be going to the polls to cast their votes for offices at the federal, state and local levels. Now is the time to get serious and learn about the candidates, their experience and background, and their positions on issues they will be able to influence if elected. In the Cape Gazette, readers can look at articles about candidate forums, letters to the editor from candidates and their supporters, and advertising on behalf of candidates. All of these provide insight that can help voters decide which candidates’ views best align with their own, and who they feel can contribute best to addressing problems to help make this a better world – locally and beyond – for all of us.

In next Friday’s edition, Oct. 26, we will publish a special voters’ guide. That along with our continuing coverage leading up to Election Day should help people make up their minds.

In rapidly growing Sussex County – particularly on the east side – thousands of new voters, many of them retirees moving to the area, have added their names to the registration rolls over the last few election cycles. Their participation in county politics is adding a new dimension to Sussex elections. Many of the new residents are interested and active in their adopted county.

This is where they want to be, and they are listening closely to how candidates are talking about local hot-button issues such as water quality, traffic congestion, local healthcare options and other issues that affect their quality of life.

Depending on their choices, they will be able to swing elections and work to shape Sussex according to their visions.
More than ever, voters need to pay attention to the candidates, and candidates need to pay attention to the voters. That’s how democracy works best.

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