Grotto Pizza eliminates balloon giveaways at resort locations

Iconic restaurant takes action to reduce environmental footprint
May 31, 2019

Grotto Pizza recently announced that it will no longer distribute helium-filled balloons at its Coastal Delaware and Maryland restaurant locations, including Rehoboth Avenue, North Boardwalk, South Boardwalk, Lewes, Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach, South Bethany, Long Neck, 125th Street Ocean City and 14th Street Ocean City. Further solidifying this commitment to environmental stewardship, Grotto Pizza ended the use of plastic bags for carryout orders and offers plastic straws only upon special request. All changes take place effective immediately.

“Our decision to phase out balloons at our resort destinations is a glowing example of the Grotto Pizza investment in the community, and the role we play in reducing unnecessary plastic waste at our beaches, towns and waterways,” said Jeff Gosnear, Grotto Pizza vice president. “A commitment to conservation is most impactful when the community gets behind the cause and takes action. Grotto has been dedicated to tradition and community for nearly 60 years, and we’re excited to take this next step to reduce our environmental footprint.”

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