Highmark releases 2022 Medicare Advantage products

October 10, 2021

Earlier this year, Highmark announced its intention to collaborate with ChristianaCare and Bayhealth to improve the quality of care and reduce costs for Medicare-eligible consumers in Delaware.

Now, Highmark is announcing the details of its new 2022 Medicare Advantage plans tailored for Delawareans.

“Highmark prioritizes making healthcare more affordable and making care easier to access,” said Alexis Miller, market president, Highmark Federal Markets. “We are excited to introduce our Medicare Advantage plans in Delaware. These plans provide great coverage and access to a broad network of doctors and hospitals in Delaware and across the country, plus benefits like prescription drug coverage and a dental allowance.”

When doctors and insurers work together, it makes getting better healthcare at a lower cost a whole lot easier.

“This unique collaboration between an insurer and two health systems offers an enhanced patient experience, better care coordination, rich benefits and low costs,” said Christine Donohue-Henry, MD, MBA, ChrstianaCare’s chief population health officer. “ChristianaCare, Bayhealth and Highmark are working together to truly impact the health of Delaware seniors.”

“Serving individuals and the community is fundamental to our mission at Bayhealth,” said Dr. Gary Siegelman, senior vice president and chief medical officer of Bayhealth. “By coming together with ChristianaCare and Highmark, we are ensuring that Delaware seniors have access to affordable, high-quality care plus additional resources to help manage chronic conditions.”

For Medicare-eligible Delaware consumers considering their options for health insurance, Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage that goes beyond original Medicare, like limits on out-of-pocket spending, affordable copays, and additional coverage for things like dental and vision coverage plus clinical care teams, fitness programs, and help with managing chronic conditions. Highmark’s new Medicare Advantage plans make these and other benefits available to Delawareans, all from the local Blue Cross Blue Shield licensee that Delawareans know and trust.

“We are proud to bring new Medicare Advantage products to Delaware as part of Highmark’s long-term commitment to Delawareans,” said Nick Moriello, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware president. “Our game-changing collaboration with ChristianaCare and Bayhealth will help increase access to care and provide solutions that will improve health and quality of life for Medicare-eligible Delawareans.”

Highmark’s Medicare Advantage plans include $0 diabetic testing supplies, which will help members with diabetes manage their condition more affordably. In addition, Highmark is offering the Onduo enhanced diabetes management program on all plans. This innovative program is designed to help members manage their Type 2 diabetes with personalized tools and expert guidance, in coordination with their physician.

Highmark is also offering the PAPA Pals program to combat social isolation. The PAPA Pals program provides a qualified helper for home visits, short-distance travel for errands and appointments, and companionship for social activities such as health club visits, walking or gardening. PAPA Pals is available with Freedom Blue PPO Distinct in Delaware.

The new Freedom Blue PPO Signature plan offers a $0 premium, $0 copays for PCP visits, predictable costs for inpatient hospital stays, and supplemental benefits like an allowance for comprehensive dental that covers crowns, root canals and more. All of these benefits are available across a broad network of doctors in Delaware, plus in-network access to BCBSA networks across the country.

The new Freedom Blue PPO Distinct plan offers all of the same access to local hospitals and physicians as the Freedom Blue PPO Signature plan, plus $0 copays for specialists, physical therapy, speech therapy and urgent care visits. The senior savings model on this plan includes a 31-day supply of insulin for a $35 copay. Supplemental benefits include allowance for comprehensive dental that covers crowns, root canals and more, plus the PAPA Pals program.

Highmark offers a wide range of Medigap Blue supplemental products to ensure that everyone can find the right Highmark Medicare plan for them. Medigap Blue lowers members’ out-of-pocket costs and offers the freedom and flexibility to see any doctor or hospital in the country that accepts Medicare. Members of Highmark Medigap Blue plans have exclusive access to discounts and the Whole Health Balance program, which provides extra coverage for hearing aids, vision, dental and fitness.

For detailed descriptions of all Highmark Medicare Advantage plans, including network and pricing, go to

Highmark Choice Company, Highmark Senior Health Company and Highmark Senior Solutions Company are Medicare Advantage plans with a Medicare contract. HM Health Insurance Company is a PDP plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in Highmark Choice Company, Highmark Senior Health Company, Highmark Senior Solutions Company and HM Health Insurance Company depends on contract renewal.

Health benefits or health benefit administration may be provided by or through Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Highmark Choice Company, Highmark Senior Health Company, Highmark Senior Solutions Company, or Highmark Health Insurance Company, all of which are independent licensees of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

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