Huxtable letter of the week

February 10, 2023

I checked the schedule, and it’s my turn to write the anti-Huxtable letter this week, so here goes: Why the “x” in Huxtable? That seems so negative. Why not an “s” or a “c”? And what’s with his constituent coffee? I didn’t get a personal invitation or see any billboards. Must have been super secret. Besides, I heard there was only powdered creamer. And where was Sen. Huxtable on the Chinese balloon thing? Absent. Ditto on the earthquake in Turkey. So disappointing. And don’t get me started on the committees. He’s only chair of one, vice chair of another and member of four more. Slacker. I’m only sorry I didn’t get to write the letter that pointed out “Huxtable not living up to expectations,” published three days after he was sworn in.

Get a grip, folks. Attacks out of the gate aren’t a way to encourage bipartisanship.

Nancy Sakaduski
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