Julie Fisher continues nightly sound meditations online

May 16, 2020

In conjunction with Gov. Carney’s stay-at-home orders, Julie Fisher of Gifted Alchemy is extending her offering of live sound meditations beginning at 8:45 p.m. daily through Gifted Alchemy’s Facebook page. She is offering this as a public wellness service to help anyone experiencing anxiety, depression or difficulty relaxing out of reaction to the pandemic.

Sound meditation is a gentle and soothing modality that helps relieve anxiety and promotes relaxation. It works through entrainment, which is synchronization with an external stimulus. Fisher uses her voice and various instruments to shift the focus of the mind to more peaceful and relaxed states.

Katie Oswald, co-owner of Lanikai Wellness, said, “I was losing sleep and couldn't keep up with my kids. After two nights of listening to Julie’s sound meditations online, I slept so soundly and received messages in my dreams. What a gift!”

Fisher has been holding her unique sound meditations locally for four years through her small business Gifted Alchemy. Greer Thompson, owner of HeartWish Healing Center, said, “Every time I’ve experienced Julie's sound meditations, I am transported to serenity where I can let go, so that a healing shift can occur.”

Participants are encouraged to listen with external speakers or headphones while lying in a relaxed and supported position. These sound meditations average 35 minutes. Donations to support this ongoing public offering can be made through Venmo @GiftedAlchemy.

Fisher, a Delaware native, has traveled throughout the U.S., including Hawaii, to study the healing arts. She discovered her true gift as a sound healer and studied to learn the art of working with singing bowls.


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