Just in time for Christmas, house donated in West Rehoboth

Local developer Melissa Nassar pays to have home moved for local family
December 25, 2018

Story Location:
Hebron Road
Rehoboth Beach  Delaware  19971
United States

It may not have had a bow on top, but a West Rehoboth couple recently received the gift of a lifetime when real estate developer Melissa Nassar decided to pay the costs of moving a house from Hebron Road to Duffy Street.

Nassar said she bought the Hebron Road lot and has plans to subdivide it. She said the house is in good condition and rather than demolish it, she wanted to give it to the couple.

“My niece spent all summer living in it and had a great time,” said Nassar, who is a senior management partner for Rehoboth-based Wonderful Homes. 

The house was moved less than half a mile, but because of low power lines, tight corners, trees and soft ground, it took nearly two hours for East Coast Structural Movers owner John Davidson and his crew to get the structure in place.

The new owners of the home declined to be identified, but the wife was beyond happy with the donation. “I can’t decide to jump up and down, do a cartwheel, clap my hands or all of them,” she said, shaking her head in disbelief. 

The couple and their family won’t move into the home until utilities are hooked up and a certificate of occupancy is issued, but they were OK with that. 

“I’ve got lots of family,” the husband said.