Keller Williams Realty names top producers for September

November 2, 2020

Keller Williams Realty  announced the September 2020 top producers for individuals and teams for its Delaware locations.

The awards are based on gross commission income or number of units, whichever is higher, for the month.

Individual award winners include top agent Chrisy Tingle, Bethany Beach office.

Platinum Award recipients by office: Erin Lee, Lewes; Dan Taglienti, Eddie Rohe, and Jen Hughes, West Fenwick; Robin Bunting, Rehoboth Beach; and Andy Meddick, Seachange Rentals.

Triple Gold Award recipients are Bob Wheatley, Lewes; Anne Powell and Rob Taylor, West Fenwick; and Jane Baxter, Bethany Beach.

Double Gold Award winners are Sandra Erbe, West Fenwick; and Barbara Carlson, Bethany Beach.

Gold Award recipients are Carrie Cosgrove, Nicole Peterdozzi, and Jenn Jones, Bethany Beach; and Preston Russell, Lewes.

Silver Award winners are Renee Edge, Guy Weidner-Ahorrio and Liz Lindsey, Lewes.

Bronze Award winners are Sandy Greene, Donna Hardy, Pam Adkins, Pam Meihaum Smith, Steve Morgan, Steve Deboe, Robert Kauffman and RJ Kauffman, Bethany Beach; Holly DiMemmo, Sheila Setzer, Brett DePrince, Sue Sisson, Patrick Sommer, and Joe Sterner, Rehoboth Beach; Jamie Fortin, Dana Hess, David Bediz, Joann Glussich, Michelle Kelly, and Scott Wagner, Lewes; Mary Helen Garth, Cindy Spieczny, Ryan Eby, and Kara Morgan, West Fenwick.

Team award winners for September are Seaside Seven Team of Marketplace at Sea Colony: Ann Baker, Bill Hand, Shelby Smith, Tammy Hadder, Anna Meiklejohn, Laurie McFaul, Christine Antonioli and Sarah Schifano; and Griffin Higgins Team of Seaford: Russell Griffin, Ed Higgins, Tara Quillen, Amy Pearson, Julleanna Seedy, Jeff Smith, Heidi Penuel, Lettie Perry, Karen Hearn, Bev Mister, Buddy Griffin, Lee Marland, Mary Marby, Maria Brooke, John Schatzschneider and RJ Thomas.

Joe Maggio Group of the Rehoboth Beach office won the Quad Platinum Award. Team members are Joe Maggio, Kim Hitchens and Sarah Thayer.

Double Platinum Award team winners are Delaware Beach Home Group, Bethany Beach: Dayna Feher, Tammy Mushrush, Pam Pridgeon and Winnie Talemal; Surf on Home Team, Edgewater Lobby/Sea Colony: Steve Alexander, Dave Leiderman  and Jenny Smith; William Lucks Professional Group, Lewes: William Lucks, Gary Lucks, Thomas Schoenbeck and Apryl Parcher; Andy Staton Home Services Team, Lewes: Andy Staton, Chet Charbaugh, Christopher Massengale, Alexia Shalby and Danny Doran; Windrow Group, Bethany Beach: Colleen Windrow, Zoe Cummings and Sarah Shoemaker; Steve and Beth Gilbert Team: Steve Gilbert, Beth Gilbert, Sue Warrington Doud and Karissa Crooks; Megan Aitken team, Middletown: Megan Aitken and Kristin Searles.

Platinum Award team winners are Bright Home Group, Laurel: Bill Brown, Jay Doaty, Kristyann Rash, Cody Revel, Erik Brubaker, Lisa Whited, Hunter White, Wayne Smith, Jaclyn Tawes, Rachel Taulton, Levi Gilmore and Eka Suryadi; Buy at the Beach, Bethany Beach: Paul Sicari and Will Melton; Coastal Resorts Group: Ron Golden and Pierre Saez; Delmarva Home Team, Delmar: Tommy Burdett, Stephen Brown, Meme Ellis, Kenneth Jester and Josh Rose; Jeffrey Fowler Group, Lewes: Jeffrey Fowler, Cindy Sakowski, Kevin Maguire, Suzanne Wiedmann, John Cusato and Joe Cusato; Move to DE Team, Lewes: Michael Kennedy, Ian Blyth and Eliot Thomas; and Team Sacco, Rehoboth: Tony Sacco, Michele Barone and Whitney Yearick.

Quad Gold Award team winners are Coastal Mobile Team, Lewes: Erica Winn and Michael Brown; and Lucido Global Team, Bethany Beach: Frank Serio, Audrey Serio, Molly Mullins, Susan Megargee, Noreen Scalice, Paul Scalice, Chris DeStefano, Jennifer Izzi Smith, Mike Valenti and Kelly Grube.

Triple Gold Award team winners are Cornerstone Associates, Blades: Christine Nibblett, Rick Nibblett and David Baugh: and Revolution Group, Milford: Shonda Kelly, Stephanie Beck, Kelly Salmon, Cashea Kelly, Carol Day, Taylor Cave, Tascha Campbell, Jordan Brown and Ethan Pellegrin.

Double Gold Award team winners are Don Williams Group: Emily Williams, Liz Williams, Tripp Williams, Geoff Howard and Cameron McCain; and Barnhardt Team, Bethany: Bob Barnhardt, Carol Barnhardt, Wendy Kessler, Jason Mathis-White, Jerome Hensley, Siri Wilkinson and Jackie Gonzaga.

Gold Award team winners are True North Group, Bethany Beach: Brad Absher, Rebecca Coulbourn, Caleb Brady, Alishia Potter and Glenn Ross; and Smith Team, Bethany Beach: Shannon Smith, Valerie Harmke, Christine Lombardi and Makayla Johnson.

Bronze Award team winners are Coastal Wave, Lewes: Ethel Lewis, Mike Montalvo and Kim Capano; Coastal Sussex Team, Bethany Beach: Chris Allen and Peggy Mullen; and Brendan Crotty team, Bethany: Brendan Crotty and Kim Kauhold.

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