Lewes Historical Society plans Tavern Talks

LHS offers This Day in History, lesson plans for at-home learning
March 29, 2020

While Lewes Historical Society's buildings remain closed until May 15, history lovers can mark their calendar and buy tickets now for the society’s ever-popular Tavern Talks.

Tavern Talks 1813: Navigating the Blockade is now scheduled to take place Friday and Saturday, July 17-18. This interactive, often humorous historic rendition will be held at the Rabbits Ferry House on the Lewes Historical Society’s main campus located at Shipcarpenter Street in Lewes. Talks will be held at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. each night.

Performances offer various perspectives of the British Naval blockade and what Lewistown was like during the War of 1812. Tavern Talks coincide with the Lewes Historical Society’s exhibition opening of Breaking Britannia’s Grasp: Lewes, the Royal Navy, and the Legacy of 1812. Look for the opening this spring at the Cannonball House, in Lewes.

Learn about This Day in History
The Lewes Historical Society is posting This Day in History for those who want to learn about national and local history on a daily basis. The posts will be on the society’s Facebook page as well as hanging on the front door of the Ryves Holt House at the corner of Second and Mulberry streets in Lewes.

Each day, tidbits of information will be shared with the public with some challenging questions regarding our history. Readers can check back to find out the answers.

LHS shares home lesson plans
Despite schools being closed, the Society is also sharing home lesson plans to assist parents with students in fifth grade and under. Lesson plans developed by LHS’s education department will be posted on the LHS Facebook page and will include history and vocabulary, as well as instructions and additional resources.

“Today we have a way to communicate in ways that people in the past never did,” said Marcos Salaverria, LHS director of education. “This is the same time of year events leading up to the bombardment of Lewes took place in 1813. We want children to know what people were doing in Lewes 207 years ago, and hopefully spark an interest to see the exhibit when it opens.”

Go to for updates on building hours and programs. Tickets for future Walking Tours and Tavern Talks can also be purchased online.

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