MERR rescues young male gray seal pup

April 26, 2021

MERR rescued a young male gray seal pup April 19 from the Gordons Pond area in Rehoboth Beach.  The seal was underweight and suffering from some bite wounds, most likely inflicted by other seals. 

Adult male seals can be very aggressive to the pups, and it is common to find these young seals with single to multiple bite wounds. The seal was otherwise alert and feisty during the rescue and transport.  The seal is still undergoing diagnosis for any underlying conditions, and will ultimately be treated in a long-term rehabilitation facility in the Greater Atlantic Region. MERR wants to remind beachgoers that seals can often be found resting on the beach and other areas at this time of the year.  Beachgoers need to keep a distance of 150 feet from the animal, and keep dogs on a leash so the seal can rest undisturbed and unstressed.

Call MERR at 302-228-5029 immediately so they can assess the animal and determine the best course of action for the seal's well-being.  

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