Moon waxing not waning, silly rabbits

Big old moon lights up sports weekend
November 7, 2017

Waxing not waning, silly rabbits - A big old moon shone down on Legends Stadium Nov. 2, accenting full-moon fever in the crowded stands. Everyone was gathered there to watch Mariner and Beacon battle in a football game that serves as a talent display for the future. Mariner led 8-6 at halftime, but Beacon came back in the second half behind a pair of touchdown runs from Zimere Bolden and one by Merek Harrigan Ferro to win a close game 22-16. There were no numbered rosters, or roosters for that matter, anywhere to be found. Suffice it to say, if you were there, you saw a pretty even distribution of talent. The talent that chooses Cape for high school will be managed by a new head coach, as Bill Collick has announced his retirement. Saint Georges head football coach J.D. Maull was at the game and joked to me, “Tell Haywood to run the rock and not to throw it all over the yard.” Anyway, a change is gonna come, and I know what’s right because I was blinded by the light.

Jonah and Jordan - Big old rascal and lineman for life Jonah Robertson and tribal elder Fredman stood shoulder to shoulder on the sidelines north of the Beacon offense Nov. 2, when Jordan Baines ran belly off tackle and made moves that had disqualified each of us from ever touching the football. “Go block somebody!” I told Jonah. “You can’t coach what you just saw. It is natural. The good ones just see it, feel it. It’s all about vision and pace. The defender never sees full speed until it’s past him.” Last back I saw do that up close was Darnell Strand in 1996, causing Catholic coach George Glenn to look up at the heavens and exclaim, “Thank you, God.” Jordan Baines is related to Joe and Dan Klecko. More on that later. 

Cross thatched - Maggie Delp, a Delaware Blue Hen, and Erin Coverdale, a Franklin and Marshall Diplomat, both Mallard Point residents, are heading toward postseason NCAA field hockey. Delp Dogg in Division I to face Penn State at UConn Saturday, Nov. 11, while E-Trader Erin and her Dips downtowned Johns Hopkins  2-1 to win the Centennial Conference Championship. Their opponent and placement in the Division III tournament are yet to be announced. Booter Ellis, straight out of Delmar, played defense for William and Mary last Sunday, as the Tribe lost to Delaware 3-0. The Hens won their fifth consecutive CAA championship. Shay Cannon of out Tatnall is a starter for Penn State. 

Do better teams lose? - The best team on game day is the one that wins. “Upset alert” is a new sports term usually signalling the top dog is about to go down like a big-headed Mastiff into a bowl of rain-soaked Kibbles and Bits. Ohio State lost to Iowa and Penn State fell to Michigan State. No alumni with a bumper sticker saw those co-occurring catastrophes as possibilities. Prognosticators don’t play the game; the athletes flying around out there determine the outcomes. A hot goalie in hockey or soccer, or a great pitcher in baseball or softball can turn the tables quicker than you can yell “food fight!”  

Takes all day - I was at the Henlopen Conference Cross Country Championships Nov. 4, and I photographed four races, which included JV and runners from all schools, just because I can. Then Sunday morning it was the Adrenaline boys’ lacrosse tournament at DE Turf. The place was packed by 8 a.m. Teams were guaranteed three games of two 20-minute halves. SoDel Elite had a 2021 team in the tournament. I can’t coach, but I can contribute. It’s called street cred or Fred Cred; you only earn it and keep it by being out there. Both assignments were easily eight-hour days from post to paddock. The cross country crowd is much more friendly during competition than lacrosse loungers who not only want to see your team beaten but prefer that you get “lit up.” God bless the officials; without them, none of the events happen.

Snippets - Curb your enthusiasm, Eagles fans, because you know what I know, and that’s that at 8-1 going into the bye week, you have to go to 5-4 or 6-3 Dallas when you return to the field. Dallas beats Philly twice, the Cowboys win the division, get home field advantage – it can all turn that quickly. Cowboys are at Atlanta next Sunday, a game they could lose, but if they don’t, the Eagles at Cowboys Sunday night, Nov. 19, will be the smack-talking game of the year in these here parts. Reserve your driveway tailgate spot early. Go on now, git!