Murray Archibald solo art show to open with reception June 3

May 23, 2023

CAMP Rehoboth will present Mask Hysteria, an exhibition of artwork by Murray Archibald, with an opening reception set for 4 to 6 p.m., Saturday, June 3, at 37 Baltimore Ave., Rehoboth Beach.

Archibald used the pandemic era to experiment with his art and see it evolve.

“The world is a mess,” he said. “Somehow, we must learn how to live together, to respect and celebrate our diversity. To thrive, we must grow; we have to change, and the idea of change can be terrifying.” He said his work has gotten more abstract, just sort of looking at the pieces from the inside instead of the outside.

Mask Hysteria addresses several themes. In a time when masks were standard attire, the first small paintings focused only on the eyes. All people could see of one another in those early days were the eyes, and half the face remained hidden from view. As the George Floyd protests spread around the world, Archibald’s work expanded to become an exploration of all that is hidden from view — the story hidden from history because of racism, homophobia, political propaganda and fear of all that is different. These artworks are part of the Lockdown 2020 Series.

The second theme, the InterAction Series, explores relationships — with one another and with the surrounding world — and the viral nature of life and communication in the social media age.

The heart, one of Archibald’s foundational themes, continues to resonate in his new work. His HeartScape Series is filled with stories composed of transparent images and patterns. The heart of each story emerges from a chaotic and textured background.

It is fitting that Archibald’s 21st solo exhibition will be held at CAMP Rehoboth, with the reception in the light-filled space that he designed and that bears his name, the Elkins-Archibald Atrium. Archibald co-founded CAMP Rehoboth with his late husband Steve Elkins, CAMP Rehoboth executive director. He has served the organization in many ways since its creation in 1991. From 1993-2018,  Archibald was president of the CAMP Rehoboth board of directors. He served as creative director, and following Elkins’ death, as editor-in-chief of Letters from CAMP Rehoboth and executive director of CAMP Rehoboth. It is a result of Archibald’s vision that support of artists and the arts has been part of CAMP Rehoboth’s purpose since its founding.

CAMP Rehoboth is a 501c3 nonprofit community service organization dedicated to creating a positive environment inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities in Rehoboth Beach and its related communities. It seeks to promote cooperation and understanding among all people, while working to build a safer community with room for all.

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