New resolutions – or reaffirmations?

January 5, 2020

New resolutions? Hmm.

I am no good with transitions. Like a kid, I need someone to say, “In 10 minutes, we need to leave the playground.” When the Christmas season ends and the grandchildren’s laughter disappears, I want someone to say, “Don’t worry, you will see your family in 2020.”

When the new year arrives, the worst transition of all is when the newscasters tell us how many people died in 2019. We have our own list of family members and friends to mourn. We don’t need to be reminded of the ones we lost.

2020 is here, and now everyone talks about resolutions. Rather, we should talk about solutions. Who in your life do you wish to be closer to? Whether it be family or friend, can you reach out and try to make contact?

Can I make time to visit some friends I haven’t seen in a very long time? Like my childhood friend Beth who begins cancer treatments this month. Yes, I can.

For my part, I know I want to watch less news. Participate more in writing classes. Exercise. Do more yoga! Drink more water and less alcohol.

Interesting that most new year’s resolutions are broken by the time February rolls around, so it’s best to not set the bar too high. I believe it’s because the resolutions are punitive, not constructive.

People want to lose weight. Quit smoking. Lower their cholesterol.

What if we just said, “This year, I will try to be more understanding. I will withhold judgment. I will show more love.”

Decide in 2020 what matters most to you. Let that be your focus. Decide what you like about yourself, and celebrate the parts of you that you do love.

My goal is to be as inclusive as possible. It begins with acknowledging anyone around me with a smile. With a hello.

It astounds me how simple it is to make anyone feel at ease. Make eye contact. Ask how their day is going. Let someone ahead of you in line. Treat them with respect.

I really hate that cliché, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” But it is true.

In one hour, my husband and I will take down the tree. He knows it is best not to refuse me, because he didn’t help put it up. But I lost track of the amount of times he went to the grocery store for more provisions!

Plus he had to walk our dog Gracie more often, because I was playing Chutes and Ladders. Making oatmeal. Watching the Grinch steal Christmas.

Cheers! Happy New Year, everyone!

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