Paynter’s Mill committee applauds Sussex vote

January 20, 2023

The Eastern Border Committee of the Paynter’s Mill community applauds the 3-2 vote in favor of upholding the current 10-year Sussex County comprehensive plan, approved in 2018. This vote allows the 242 acres of land along Route 1 across from Cave Neck Road to remain designated as low-density development. As neighbors to this land parcel, we appreciate the council’s decision to preserve open space with less concentrated development. 

The three council members who supported adhering to the comprehensive plan and supporting the interests of local residents by casting a no vote are Mike Vincent, Doug Hudson and John Rieley. We publicly thank these members for executing the comprehensive plan. The two council members who voted yes to change the comprehensive plan against the interests of local residents are Mark Schaeffer and Cynthia Green.

Our community of 300 households continuously monitors requests to change the comprehensive plan. We also seek to unite with other local communities to work for the election of council members who will work for the best quality of life for local residents. 

It takes courage to put local residents ahead of developers with deep pockets. Thank you Mike Vincent, Doug Hudson, and John Rieley for voting courageously. Let’s help them stay the course by expressing our appreciation. 

Eastern Border Committee, Paynter’s Mill community
Ennio Mastroianni, Chair
Bill and Nancy Baxter       
Jack Bucchioni
Tom Dwyer 
Doug James 
Ross Kruglak
Iris Prager
Dale Pretz 
Charlotte Samans
Jeanne Smith
Rick Wunderlich
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