President Biden spending Father’s Day at North Shores home

June 17 also marks 46 years of marriage to First Lady Dr. Jill Biden
June 15, 2023

For the second straight year, President Joe Biden will spend his wedding anniversary and Father’s Day at his beach home in North Shores.

According to the White House Week Ahead Guidance and Press Schedule issued June 11, the president will head to his home Saturday, June 17, following a trip to Philadelphia for a political rally hosted by union members. The president and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will have been married 46 years June 17. Hopefully, he stays upright this year if he goes for a bike ride.

In advance of the president’s arrival, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a restricted flight area notice June 15 for the air space near his North Shores home that goes into effect at 4:45 p.m., Saturday, June 17, and ends at 10:15 a.m., Monday, June 19.

Here’s a list of security measures taken when Biden is in town:

  • Gordons Pond users should expect restrictions. The park’s parking lot is just around the corner from Biden’s home and is used as a landing site for Marine One.
  • If Biden decides to drive, motorists on Route 1 should be prepared for delays. By road, there’s really only one way to his house — southbound on Route 1, then through Rehoboth Beach. As the presidential motorcade makes its way south, police personnel sit at all intersections blocking traffic in all directions.
  • The FAA’s temporary flight restrictions limit use of the airspace — including drones — from Dover south to Ocean City, Md.; and west to the Maryland border.
  • The Coast Guard establishes security zones in the ocean area immediately in front of North Shores beach and in the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal.

Since Biden was elected president, he has attended church, walked on the beach and gone for a few bike rides while in Rehoboth Beach. If he does so on this trip, send photos to reporter Chris Flood at

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