Restaurant has no place in state park

November 11, 2022

Putting a restaurant in the middle of Cape Henlopen State Park would be degrading one of the most beautiful natural environments of our area. The reasons to oppose such a project are many.

Light pollution, noise pollution and litter would have a detrimental effect on the park’s birds and other nocturnal wildlife. Please review the DNREC June 13, 2022 report that states the seven rare native plant communities, two federal endangered and threatened species, and 42 species of plants (33) and animals (nine) that inhabit the park and are considered rare in Delaware, with four species that are globally rare! One needs to ask, will a restaurant with all the people, traffic, trucks and trash enhance in any way or otherwise support the rare communities of plants, birds and animals of Cape Henlopen State Park? Simply put, no!

The park maintains a non-alcohol environment and closes at dusk for a reason. Do we want inebriated individuals walking the beaches and wandering around the park at night? No!

As for the need for a restaurant, there is the ferry terminal restaurant less then a mile away as well as multiple local restaurants in nearby Lewes. 

The park is located only minutes from Route 1, which has a very large selection of restaurants. Do we need a restaurant in the park? No!

Please let us maintain the natural habitat for all our beautiful and rare communities of plants, birds and animals, as well as for our own appreciation of the spectacular natural beauty of Cape Henlopen State Park.

Bottom line: A restaurant has no place in the middle of our magnificent Cape Henlopen State Park!

Terrie McKinley
Friends of Cape Henlopen State Park member
Sussex Birding Club member
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