SDTR supporters corral for Kentucky Derby watch party

May 11, 2024

The Southern Delaware Therapeutic Riding center near Milton hosted its own version of the Kentucky Derby May 4, bringing together riders, families and volunteers for a day of joy and camaraderie.

The event, which aimed to raise funds for the center's equine therapy programs, featured a series of games, lighthearted competition and a horse auction. The horses were brought in one at a time wearing a number that represented an actual Kentucky Derby post position number, and that number was auctioned off. Once the Kentucky Derby race was run, the respective guest who owned the winning horse’s number received 25% of the money collected on all the horses.

These gentle giants of the DTRC center showcased their grace and athleticism, delighting spectators. Beyond the excitement of the race, the event served as a testament to the center's dedication to improving the lives of individuals with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges through the healing power of horses.


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