Shop local and support Small Business Season

November 13, 2023

Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Georgetown are celebrating Small Business Season through Saturday, Dec. 31.

Community members are encouraged to think small and earmark at least part of their holiday spending in support of local small businesses. 

Linda Price, Georgetown chamber president and CEO, said, “Small business is the backbone of our economy; 64% of our new jobs in the U.S. come from small business. When people spend their dollars locally, more money stays local. By implementing Small Business Season, we hope to encourage people to patronize all sorts of small businesses this holiday. In addition to our wonderful retail options, there are dining establishments, personal service providers, even local artisans that need our support. Small Business Season is a way to help our residents develop a better appreciation for how their spending affects our area and quality of life.”

Small Business Season is a free global marketing campaign created to help share the message and educate people on the importance of supporting not just a local business, but neighbors and friends. By creating jobs and donating to local nonprofits, youth organizations and local events, small businesses provide great support to the community. 

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