St. George’s Chapel wraps up 300th birthday celebration

January 12, 2020

The culmination of a year dedicated to the tercentenary celebration of St. George’s Chapel, founded in 1719, was marked with history, legend and a banquet of food Dec. 29, 2019.  

The traditional service of Lessons and Carols was enhanced by parishioner David Risseeuw’s stirring rendition of the story of St. George, the patron saint of the country chapel located on Beaver Dam Road in Harbeson.  Risseeuw’s eloquent portrayal of the historical events that led to the sainthood of St. George, to the surprise and delight of those sitting enrapt in their pews, was enhanced by a surprise appearance of the knighted St. George, portrayed by Dan Reed. 

Thereafter, the fearsome dragon (Jim Brand) mythically slain by St. George, appeared with the helpless maiden (Brenda Burgh) in its clutches. St. George then dramatically drew his sword and freed the maiden. Following the service, an elaborate banquet of finger foods and desserts wAS served in the Parish Hall while parishioners signed the commemorative banner that had been displayed throughout the year on the stone wall adjacent to the church.

The tercentenary committee, headed by Reed and Risseeuw, met and planned monthly events throughout the year to highlight the spiritual, historical and social significance of St. George’s in the community and as a Sussex County landmark.