Tips to beat the heat during your summer runs

July 11, 2019

As temperatures continue to exceed 90 degrees, I thought it would be helpful to share tips for beating the heat. 

1. Train at 5 a.m. as if you are a Floridian

2. Cross-train indoors 

3. Do speedwork on a treadmill

4. Ease into the heat, adding a minute each day

5. Have a hydration plan before you start and follow it

6. Don't drink water only during exercise; drink all the time

7. Plan to race in cooler temperatures

Runner’s World put together a nice top 10 list that I want to share with my readers as well. It might just be beneficial as you head out the door for a summer run.

1. Make adjustments: Don’t do long or higher-intensity workouts during the heat of the day. If you must run at midday, pick routes with shade. As a general rule, start your workout slower than you usually do. If you’re feeling good halfway through, it’s OK to speed up a little bit

2. Wear as little as possible: Wear apparel that’s light in color, lightweight and has vents or mesh. Microfiber polyesters and cotton blends are good fabric choices. Also, be sure to wear a hat, shades and sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher

3. Watch your alcohol and meds: Alcohol, antihistamines and antidepressants can all have a dehydrating effect

4. Drink early and often: Top off your fluid stores with 16 ounces of sports drink an hour before you head out. Then toss down 5 to 8 ounces of sports drink about every 20 minutes while working out 

5. Be patient: Give yourself eight to 14 days to acclimatize to hot weather, gradually increasing the length and intensity of your training. In that time, your body will learn to decrease your heart rate, decrease your core body temperature and increase your sweat rate

6. Seek grass and shade: It’s always hotter in cities than in surrounding areas because asphalt and concrete retain heat. If you must run in an urban or even a suburban area, look for shade – any park will do – and try to go in the early morning or late evening

7. Check the breeze: If possible, start your run going with the wind and then run back with a headwind. Running into the wind has a cooling effect, and you’ll need that in the second half of a run

8. Head out early or late: Even in the worst heat wave, it cools off significantly by dawn. Get your run done then, and you’ll feel good about it all day. Can’t fit it in? Wait until evening, when the sun’s rays aren’t as strong – just don’t do it so late that it keeps you from getting to sleep

9. Slow down: Every five-degree rise in temperature above 60 degrees can slow your pace by as much as 20 to 30 seconds per mile. So, don’t fight it – just slow down.

10. Run in water: Substitute one weekly outdoor walk or run with a pool-running session of the same duration. If you’re new to pool running, use a flotation device and simply move your legs as if you were running on land.

12th annual Race for the Ribbon 5K

One of the most popular events of the summer road race scene will be held Saturday, July 13, in Rehoboth Beach, as the 12th Race for the Ribbon 5K will kick off at 7:30 a.m. from the Greene Turtle in memory of Nancy L. Hendershot. And this year, it’s also in honor of Jackeline Olivas-Marin and Miguel Robledo-Mendez. The event started in 2008 with a mission of raising awareness and support for those afflicted with cancer. Cancer affects our communities and often hits us close to home. For this reason, a portion of the funds raised will be donated to our local chapter of the American Cancer Society, and a larger percentage will be donated to a local family whose child is currently coping with cancer.

This year’s run/walk will be held Saturday, starting and finishing on the corner of Wilmington Avenue and the Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. As in the past, the Greene Turtle has generously offered to host the post-race party, which will include a breakfast buffet, music, awards and silent auction. The race is part of the Summer Racing Series for the Seashore Striders. Stephanie Shuttleworth, a local Cape district teacher, is the Race for the Ribbon organizer, and she and her team have raised more than $120,000 since the event began. Register now at or on race day beginning at 6:15 a.m. T-shirts are limited and so is parking, so arrive early!

37th Seashore 5-Miler

The 37th annual Seashore 5-Miler, formerly the YMCA 5-Miler, is one of the oldest Delaware events. It will be held Sunday, July 14, beginning from a new location of Gordons Pond at 7:30 a.m. This year, the Seashore Striders will run the same course heading north, but will now start and finish at the Gordons Pond trailhead. The race will turn around on the trail at the 2.5-mile marker just before Herring Point and make its way back to Gordons Pond for the finish. The goal is to go over 200 runners for this off-centered distance of five miles, as the course may be one of the fastest, if not the fastest, 5-milers in the state. Register through Saturday at noon at

Irish Eyes 6-Pack Series

Irish Eyes 6-Pack Series qualifiers for this summer are the following 23 runners.

Karen Eller, Cathy Haut, Christina Richter, LeeAnn Waltz, Sheila Young, Tim Young, Amanda Alexander, John Blackford, Pat Brogan, Bennett Brumbley, Marie Kuhlman, Tracey Ledoux, Connie Marshall, Faith Mitchell, Jennifer Murray, Nick O’Cone, Jen Perry, Jackie Quigley, Alan Quillen, Nina Smeltzer, Jack Vassalotti, Jamie Wollard and Jules Woodall.

Congratulations to the group as they completed the following races to qualify: Seashore Classic Half & 5K, Doug Strong 5K, Economics 5K, Blue-Gold 5K, Irish Eyes 5K, and Father’s Day 5K.

Strider Championship Series

The 29th annual Seashore Strider Championship Series is eight races deep with five to go, which will make up the 13 in the series. The four 5K events and one five-mile event left means that runners could still qualify if they have at least one 5K under their belt so far. To qualify for the series, you must have completed five 5Ks and one five-mile event. So those of you who have completed a 5K this summer, challenge yourself and complete the series to be eligible for end-of-the-season awards.

Fire Fightin’ 5K Run

The Rehoboth Beach Fire Company will once again host their the annual Fire Fightin’ 5K Sunday, Aug. 18, so mark your calendars and support a great cause. The race committee is working hard on making the event bigger and better with more for families and kids to do. We have added an 8-and-under kids’ quarter-mile run to kick off the day, along with a bounce house for kids, a kids’ corner, and fire hats distributed at the event. Food and drink will be present at the awesome post-race awards celebration thanks to Fins Restaurant. It should be a fun morning at the Rehoboth Fire Station, and sponsors are still being accepted; contact Amanda Peters at Rise Fitness & Adventure, 302-567-2112.

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