WBOC’s Milton office to expand

June 5, 2019

WBOC’s Milton office will soon be getting a new addition.

Milton Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved the final site-plan for a 592-square foot vestibule at the entrance to the Chestnut Street facility.

Owner Loblolly LLC, property management arm of WBOC parent company Draper Holdings, presented plans at the commission’s May 21 meeting. Architect Zac Crouch of Davis, Bowen and Friedel said the vestibule at the entrance would serve as a lobby with a reception area to check people in before they head into the building. Crouch and Loblolly General Manager Johnny Hopkins said there would not be a second floor in the vestibule, and only the person manning the reception desk would be there.

Hopkins said the lobby would be beneficial as an obvious entrance for clients coming in for meetings. He said the station is also planning to broadcast out of the building.

Crouch said the vestibule will have a glass enclosure that will extend into the existing parking area. A new sidewalk will feature a ramp for handicap access, Crouch said. Even with parking spaces removed, he said, the facility still has plenty of parking to serve all employees and visitors to the building. Crouch said WBOC has already received approvals from Sussex Conservation District and the State Fire Marshal’s Office for the project.

“There’s very minimum construction,” he said.

Hopkins said even with the addition, the building is still under 10,000 square feet. He said the vestibule will match the construction features on the existing building as much as possible.

Most of the commission’s questions related to parking, but other that that, the proposal met with very little resistance. “It’s pretty straightforward,” Crouch said. 

Hopkins said construction on the project should begin in July.

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