Winners named in Sea Witch dog parade

October 31, 2018

Winners in the 29th annual Sea Witch Festival Costumed Dog Parade are:

Joyce Steele with Buttercup, ballerina; Wendy Guetler with Zoey, Alice in Wonderland; Campbell and Johnson families with Sandi, Lucy, Aggie and Riley, Wizard of Oz; Jodi and Rob Homa with Max and Zoe, Alice in Wonderland; Charlene Marsh with Reigningstarz 5 O-Clock Rock, blue fairy; Lucie Purdy with Beatrice, Chiquita banana; Louise Enright with Becky and Schnitzel, Wienermobile; Nicole Care with Dozer, flower garden and bumble bees; Julia Rey with Kona, Caps player O’Fetchkin; Suzanne Sullivan with Lulu and Sydney, king and queen; Karen O’Bier with Barney, Bad to the Bone Beagle; Sue Lore with Trip and Seamus, gnomes; Doug Lynn with Stella, genie; Rick Tedrick with Hero, We Stand for Our Flag; Mary Clayton and family with Abby, Lily and Margery, Puggies and the Beast.

Erica Caldwell with Capt. Jesse James; Stefanie McBride with Florence Henderson, Werewolves of London; Kathy Dawson with Roxie, Russian countess; Michell Magalon with Patton and Stella, young Frankenstein; Amanda Worman with Mikey, Target dog, Bullseye; and Katie and Brennan Macklin with Jesse, Frankenstein. Entrants with the following unclaimed numbers can contact the chamber office at 227-6446 or email to claim prizes: 1008; 1069; 1080; 1083; 1084; 1089; 1107; 1118 and 1148.

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