Beat the Heat With What You Eat

July 23, 2022

Beat the heat with this delicious bean and corn salad from the Esselstyn‘s life changing book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. Serve this on a bed of greens with fresh fruit and whole grain bread and you’ll stay cool, stay well and be satisfied.                 

Over 10 years ago my husband and I made a big change in our diet. We ditched all dairy, meat and added oil and began feasting on vegetables, whole grains, beans and fruit. Our goal, at first, was very personal—improving health and increasing longevity. But then we realized, by eliminating our demand for meat and dairy products, we were saving dozens of animals from unspeakable suffering. Then we learned of “livestock’s long shadow” and the horrendous impact on climate disruption. The latest estimates range between 51% and 87% of greenhouse gases coming from animal agriculture alone!

So, back away from meat and dairy and watch the temperature fall—watch your weight fall, watch your blood pressure fall!

Here’s a free guide to help you beat the heat with what you eat:

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  • Dorothy Greet invites you on a journey to amazing good health and vitality through Plant-Based Eating.

    A heart attack turned her life upside down at age 70.

    Now, with a Cornell Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, this retired clergywoman teaches free classes to community groups upon request.

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