Let it Go

October 10, 2020

Today is the tenth day of the tenth month of the Year Which Will Live in Infamy. Time to celebrate the fact that 2020, that runaway train of disease and disruption, will soon be grinding to a halt. Remember when “20/20” just conjured up pleasant images of TV icons Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs? No more!

I was reading about the significance of October 10th, and came across some sage advice from ascension guide and quantum shaman Laura Brown. And by the way, I’ve always wanted to be identified by words like that (“cupcake guru and grandchild whisperer Elise Seyfried”). I have no idea what ascension guides and quantum shamans are, but I already thought more highly of Ms. Brown before reading a line!

Anyway, Laura notes that the numeral 1 is  “new beginnings”, and 0 is “the infinite open space where miracles can literally generate out of thin air.” Put ‘em together (1 and 0) and you’ve got one rosy forecast for the day! But, she cautions, to unleash the potential of this October Saturday, we need to DO certain things. One that she suggests is to make a “reverse manifestation” list. This is the opposite of a bucket list, or a list of resolutions, or, obviously, a grocery list. With a reverse manifestation list, you write down everything you do NOT want in your life, things/habits/people you need to let go of. The idea is, that by scribbling all this unwanted stuff down, you are releasing it into the universe, and setting yourself free.

So here goes:

I am letting go of my need to interrupt. I’ve gotten much better in general, but still do this more or less constantly with Steve. Watching the debates, it struck me anew that this is a horrible, horrible habit. However, I do say that if Stevo would just spit out this sentences a tad quicker I wouldn’t be so tempted to fill his every pause. Perhaps “talking too slowly” could be on HIS reverse manifestation list! I will be sure and suggest this to him!

I am saying goodbye to running. For years I have tried to become a runner (a jogger at least), and have felt terribly guilty that I still cannot hit a mile without wanting to throw up from exertion. Let Rose and Julie do their 5Ks and half-marathons!  I am a “stroller”, and that is good enough for me.

Farewell to people who are completely unreasonable. I am always happy to engage in back and forths on issues. There comes a point, though, that these folks need to come around to my side--in other words, to be reasonable! With some people it’s been years and they’re still not agreeing with me! Time to say buh-bye!

I release my ironing board. I’ve learned at last that everything wrinkles three minutes after you put it on anyway, so what’s the point?

I’m just getting warmed up and I already feel cosmically lighter!  Miraculously Happy 10/10 to All!



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