Mill Pond Garden glows with 35,000 lights

December 13, 2019

I’ve wished to walk through Mill Pond Garden since 2016 when I saw Deny’s pretty photos at But life rushes by, especially during the holiday season, and it wasn’t until last Sunday that I made time to stop and stare at the LED flowers! My husband and I usually like to be home in our pajamas on Sundays by 6:30pm, but that was the earliest we could get a reservation. I was worried that meant the garden would packed, but the owners did a wonderful job of organizing it. Only a couple cars were in front of us during check-in and we were directed into a parking space not too far away from the Garden of Lights.

Strolling around the property was so peaceful. A few groups of people went by while I was photographing my favorite displays, but most of the time we were alone. And took advantage to sneak a selfie kiss under a canopy of lights, which I unashamedly posted to

Since my photos are close-ups of flowers (two shots are even real blossoms), I’m also including W Films’ video from last year to give you a scope of the light show. Find out how to get invited to other events at Mill Pond Garden at You can bet I’m not going to miss the sunlight show in the spring!

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