Beebe’s excellent care is 24/7 even at Christmas

December 25, 2018

“I am so happy to be working at Beebe during Christmas. I look forward to providing the great care that my mom or my loved ones would want if one of us would have to be admitted to Beebe at Christmas,” said Dr. Julie Holmon, Beebe hospitalist, when I asked what she would be doing for the holidays. This was several years ago, but I will never forget those amazing sentiments.

Now when I’m enjoying family time during the holidays or anytime, I think about our physicians, nurses and team members who are there 24/7 for anyone in need. Recently, a grateful patient called our nurses and physicians Beebe Angels. Many call them Beebe Heroes. Their extraordinary care and compassion is what makes Beebe the best healthcare provider in Sussex County.

Dr. Holmon is a hospitalist. People often wonder what the role of a hospitalist is – they are dedicated internal medicine physicians who exclusively care for patients in the hospital. Hospitalists work in partnership with primary care physicians in the community by managing the care of their patients when they are hospitalized. This allows the primary care physicians to be available to patients in their offices while their hospitalized patients still receive high-quality, integrated, immediate care. Hospitalists also care for patients admitted to the hospital who have no primary care physician or who are from out of the area – something that can occur frequently over the holidays. These patients receive great care in the hospital and are then transitioned to an appropriate primary care environment at discharge.

“Our hospitalist team provides excellent care to their patients. They work well with the physicians in the community to coordinate patient care and are a vital resource to our patient care teams within the hospital,” said Rick Schaffner, Beebe executive vice president and chief operating officer.

“A hospitalization can be scary and stressful to both the patient and family. While managing the patient’s medical illness, our team also strives to decrease this stress so our patients can focus on regaining health and getting home as soon as possible,” said Dr. Holmon.

As we Celebrate Excellent Care this holiday season, it is great to honor some of those angels who will be at Beebe in case we need them. Dr. Holmon represents one of many who are working during the holiday times.

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